• Skimmer Arm Deluxe

The Best patented Skimmer Arm™ for every above & inground pool! The extendable arm installs easily and securely into the opening of most any vinyl, fiberglass or gunite skimmer, with NO TOOLS REQUIRED! The Skimmer Arm™ improves surface skimming by extending the reach of the skimmer opening up to 30" inches while guiding floating debris into the skimmer basket. Lightweight, flexible and virtually indestructible, the Skimmer Arm solves pool owner’s most complaints regarding similar products, that they are too difficult to install and often fall out & break easily. In seconds the “one size fits all” Skimmer Arm™ fits into most any skimmer using SimPoolTec’s patented technology. Securely anchored into place, the Skimmer Arm™ allows pool owners to choose desired direction. .

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Skimmer Arm Deluxe

  • Brand: SimPoolTec
  • Product Code: SK-ARM
  • Availability: 98
  • $24.95

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